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The must-see parks of Barcelona

August 23, 2010

Barcelona is extremely well-known for its incredible parks. Montjuic, Ciutadella and who can forget about one of Gaudí’s greatest designs, Park Güell. Each of these parks are universally recognized as a great place to relax and take in the sun. They all have very special and unique characteristics that are essential in order to experience a full-on Barcelona experience.

Montjuic is the name of a famous mountain in the city of Barcelona. Due to its very vivid greenery and outstanding views of the city and of the Plaza España, this mountain is one of the most visited sites in this city. This mountain provides you with a full view of the entire scenery of Barcelona and is full of amazing resting spots. While checking out this place you’ll definitely run into one of the numerous symbols of the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona, it really is a must-see.

El parque de la Ciutadela is surely another crucial tourist attraction in Barcelona. It draws in its visitors with its majestic waterfall monument, located directly in the center the park. Due to the World’s fair of 1888 held in Barcelona Antoni Gaudí also had his hand in the creation of this piece. If you enjoy live music, then visiting the center of this park is going to be a thrill. There are often several musical groups that perform freely through the late afternoon, making everyone’s experience an unforgettable one.

Last but not least we recommend Park Güell, Gaudí’s masterpiece. This park is located on the upper part of Barcelona and represents the artistic movement of Catalan Modernism. Its abundant iconographic elements and endless greenery are what make this magnificent park one of the world’s most famous Heritage Site of UNESCO. Built during the first decade of the twentieth century, it represents Gaudi’s Naturalist phase, which directly involves many small monuments and works of art influenced by fantastic and mythological creatures.

So if you’re looking to spend a nice, quite and serene afternoon in a park in Barcelona, then look no further and don’t hesitate in visiting the wonders of this great city.


Barcelona during the 20th century

August 3, 2010

During July 1936 the Spanish civil war broke out. The city and Catalonia were Republican, most public services and enterprises were collectivized by the Cnt and Ugt (Unions). During the beginning of the civil war the republican power diminished. Since the city was under control of anarchists. On March 15, 1938 Barcelona got bombed, this happened under the command of Italian dictator Mussolini and these bombs were dropped on request of General Franco. After a battle of a year Barcelona fell into Nationalist Hands on 26 January 1939.

Because of the Nationalistic control Barcelona´s autonomous instructions were abolished and it was not allowed to speak Catalan in public life. Since Barcelona was Spain´s second city, Barcelona got more industrialized. Due to this fact there started a large-scale immigration from the other parts of Spain. This led to rapid urbanizations, area´s like Bellvitge and L´Hospitalet de Llobregat got swallowed up. All the inhabitants of these area´s needed to get to Barcelona, this led to the development of the metro, tarmacing the streets and installation of traffic lights.

In 1970 Barcelona had 1.557.863 inhabitants which lived with 15.517 people on one square kilometer.

After General Franco died, Spain became a democracy. Especially in Barcelona the pressure of change was enormous, since Barcelona and Catalonia suffered the most of his Regime. During the 80´s 90´s Barcelona had 2 major events: 1986 Spanish accession to the European community and the summer Olympics in 1992. These events led to a better international reputation and an increase of tourism.

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Impression of some of our beautiful apartments

June 11, 2010

Sonar Festival Internacional de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia

May 11, 2010

Just one month to go and one of Europe´s major electronic music festivals will take of. From the 17th until the 19th of June Barcelona will be taken on a journey by the beats of the Booka shade, Plastikman, Hot Chip and many more.

Sonar which is organized since 1994 is known as one of the major European festivals. Besides the festival, sonar is an important convention for people out of the music industry.  During these dates the whole city will be transformed in to one big stage, while people all over the city are partying.

Tickets are still available and start by 39€. Sonar is offering as well passpartouts, which will give you the best sensation and entertainment.

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Formula One in Barcelona

April 26, 2010

On the 7-8-9th of May the Grand Prix circus will set feet on Barcelona soil.  The formula one is considered as the cream of the crop of the motorsport. Since the FIA introduced some new rules the race got more and more spectacle, while a victory is not anymorea depending on the speed of the car but on the skills of the driver.  Especially while the no.2 and the no. 6 only differs 9 points, which made the races even more interesting.

Circuit de Cataluña is located in Montmelo which is a 30 minute ride from Barcelona city centre.  The circuit is famous because of the possibility that the wind changes drastically during the day. Wind is a significance factor in the Formula one given the importance of aerodynamics to formula one cars.

Besides going to the grand prix you can visit the beautiful Barcelona as well. With tons of bars restaurant and sight sees Barcelona can offer everyone a nice/enjoyable and comfortable see at the Mediterranean see.

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