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Public Transportation in Barcelona

July 15, 2010

The metropolitan of Barcelona has 1.6 Million inhabitants. These people need to be transported all around the city: due to this fact Barcelona has reliable public transport. There are different ways of transportation to travel around the city.

Maybe the quickest and easiest way is the Metro. The Barcelona metro is going all around the city and is open until 24.00(Monday-Thursday), 2.00 AM (Friday), All night (Saturday). Since the metro is going everywhere it´s a nice way to transport inside Barcelona. We recommend you to buy a T-10 ticket, this ticket costs 7.95€ and includes 10 tickets. 1 Ticket is valid for 1.15H, which means that changing from bus to metro in 1.15h is free.

The Bus is also a nice way of transportation. Since there´re so many stops around the city, you can come more close to your destination then by metro. The only downside is that the bus takes longer. Barcelona has special bus strips, due to these strips the busses won´t slow down by traffic. The busses are also using the T-10 tickets.

If you decide to ´escape´ from Barcelona for a day it´s recommend taking the train. The trains in Spain are pretty punctual and cheap. A round ticket to for instance Sitges is 7€. Sitges is a beautiful small village with a beautiful beach. We can recommend you to go there for a day to enjoy its beautiful beaches. The trains are using their own tickets, and can be bought at the stations. Barcelona has multiple train stations (Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gracia and Estacio Franca). Passeig de Gracia has a metro station as well so it´s pretty easy to hop from metro to train.

FlatsByDays has a variety of apartments which are very close to the public transport. Our Bellafila apartments are just in the middle of metro station Liceu (Green) and station Jaume (Yellow), due to this fact you can get from our apartments everywhere by taking public transport.