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Book your apartment at FlatsByDays during Bob Dylan´s peformance at Barcelona

June 16, 2010

On the 24th of June American singer/songwriter Bob Dylan will perform in Barcelona at Poble Espanyol. Active for over 50 years Dylan is an icon in the global music industry with hits as “Hurricane”, “Like a rolling stone” and “Forever Young”. The highlight of his career was during the sixties were he made the most of his awarded material. Tracks like ´Blowin in the Wind´ and ´The times they are a-chagin´ became anthems for anti-war and civil rights movement. Dylan which had some great skills on a variety of instruments (guitar, harmonica and keyboard) wasn´t a normal performer, since he made music in almost every kind of genre (from folk to gospel). With 11 Grammies, 1 Academy and 1 golden globe award Bob Dylan is one of the most awarded artists in the world. This Oscar nomination and award was a beautiful start of the new millennium, this price was awarded because of his song; “Things have Changed” which was made for the movie ´Wonder Boys´. Due to this Oscar people realized that Bob Dylan was still alive and was still ready to surprise the globe once more. In 2006 Dylan started a career as a DJ, hosting a weekly radio program where he was playing songs which were selected around a chosen theme. During his 100th show n April 2009 he played “Woody Guthrie – So long, it´s been good to know yuh” which has led to numerous speculations that Dylan ended his radio show. During his summer tour throughout Europe he is going to play twice in Spain, on the 24th in Barcelona and on the 26th at the Azkena rock festival. So this will be a unique chance to see this stunishing American singer/songwriter live.

FlatsByDays can offer you a variety of apartment throughout Barcelona which can combine this concert to an unforgettable stay in Barcelona. With apartment all around the city centre there are apartments according to everyone´s wishes. We can offer you a variety of one- two- and more bedroom apartments. As a one bedroom apartment we can offer you our Bellafila 3a apartment which is located in the gothic quarter. Another beautiful apartment in the gothic quarter is the two bedroom apartment Opera. So do not wait and book your trip to Barcelona to see Bob Dylan and the beautiful city of Barcelona.


Rent your apartment for the Fortuny Exhibition

May 27, 2010


Until the 27th of June La Pedrera de Caixa Catalunya will be the home of an interesting art exhibition. The main artist where this exhibition is based on is Mariano Fortuny Madrazo (Granada 1871 – Venice 1949). Mariano was the son of Catalan painter Marià Fortuny i Marsal. Mariano was seen as a multitalented man who was called ´the little Leonardo´. Besides this ´title´ he was referred as ´the magician of Venice´. He got this title because art was not the only area he was working in, next to this he worked in engraving, stage design, lightning technology, photography, textile design and fashion.

After the death of his father Mariano and his family moved to Paris. Mariano studied painting by copying the great masters. One of his teachers was Rogelio de Egusquiza, which learned Mariano the Wagnerian ideas: due to this ideas Mariano got more and more interest in theater. Mariano Fortuny came up with his own staging system the “Fortuny System”, made up of an indirect lighting device and a quarter-sphere dome, which covered the stage and acted like a large reflector. His idea was picked up by the German company AEG which installed this system in the main theaters in Germany and Italy.

In 1889 the Mariano family moved to Venice. In Venice Marino tried to become one with the city. He captured the city by paintings and by photographs. For Mariano Venice became on the one hand ´a symbol of beauty´ and on the other hand a foundation of suggestion which achieved his never-ending search into creativity.

The exhibition will be in Barcelona until the 27th. The exhibition is not only focused on painting but on every aspect of art he was working with.
We are offering apartments which have a twist of art as well. Our Art Deco and Art Nouveau apartments are decorated with pieces of art which where used during those times.

Sonar Festival Internacional de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia

May 11, 2010

Just one month to go and one of Europe´s major electronic music festivals will take of. From the 17th until the 19th of June Barcelona will be taken on a journey by the beats of the Booka shade, Plastikman, Hot Chip and many more.

Sonar which is organized since 1994 is known as one of the major European festivals. Besides the festival, sonar is an important convention for people out of the music industry.  During these dates the whole city will be transformed in to one big stage, while people all over the city are partying.

Tickets are still available and start by 39€. Sonar is offering as well passpartouts, which will give you the best sensation and entertainment.

Besides all these sensations is it important to have a rest and a good place to stay. This is where we come in. With apartments all over the historic city centre, we can offer you a comfortable stay during the festival dates. For instance our Portaferrisa apartment which is a 2 bedroom in the centre situated apartment.

See you at sonar?!

Formula One in Barcelona

April 26, 2010

On the 7-8-9th of May the Grand Prix circus will set feet on Barcelona soil.  The formula one is considered as the cream of the crop of the motorsport. Since the FIA introduced some new rules the race got more and more spectacle, while a victory is not anymorea depending on the speed of the car but on the skills of the driver.  Especially while the no.2 and the no. 6 only differs 9 points, which made the races even more interesting.

Circuit de Cataluña is located in Montmelo which is a 30 minute ride from Barcelona city centre.  The circuit is famous because of the possibility that the wind changes drastically during the day. Wind is a significance factor in the Formula one given the importance of aerodynamics to formula one cars.

Besides going to the grand prix you can visit the beautiful Barcelona as well. With tons of bars restaurant and sight sees Barcelona can offer everyone a nice/enjoyable and comfortable see at the Mediterranean see.

We can always offer several apartments to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For instance our Bellafila 3b apartment, which is located in the city centre and close to everything you need.

Looking for a business apartment during one of the Barcelona tradeshows?

April 15, 2010

Who thinks that Barcelona is just a city to relax, party and enjoy the beautiful city is wrong. Almost every week Barcelona is the place to visit all kinds of different trade shows. Especially during the autumn you can find the fairs and shows all around the city.

If you are looking for accomodation during one of these shows, we can offer high-quality business apartments. With the possibility that we can accomadate a group of 32 people. In our bellafila apartmentcomplex.


If you are missing your favourite trade show feel free to add him in the commenst and we will update our calender.

Event Date
Concepto Bano 11-MAY-10 to 15-MAY-10
Instalmat 12-MAY-10 to 15-MAY-10
Pasarela Gaudi Novias 18-MAY-10 to 21-MAY-10
Barcelona bridal Week 18-MAY-10 to 23-MAY-10
Tecniexpo Automation 19-MAY-10 to 21-MAY-10
International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition 25-MAY-10 to 28-MAY-10
Avante 02-JUN-10 to 04-JUN-10
Expoaviga 08-JUN-10 to 10-JUN-10
Second Hand Vehicle Show 11-JUN-10 to 20-JUN-10
Entrepreneurs Fair 16-JUN-10 to 17-JUN-10
The Brandery Trade show 27-JUN-10 to 29-JUN-10
Expohogar 24-SEP-10 to 27-SEP-10
Liber 29-SEP-10 to 01-OCT-10
Antiquaris Barcelona 02-OCT-10 to 10-OCT-10
Salon International Caravaning 09-OCT-10 to 17-OCT-10
International book fair 12-OCT-10 to 14-OCT-10
SITEM 16-OCT-10 to 17-OCT-10
Barcelona Meeting Point 19-OCT-10 to 24-OCT-10
Hostelco Expo 05-NOV-10 to 09-NOV-10
Salon Nautico International de Bacelona 06-NOV-10 to 14-NOV-10
Salon Del Hobby 19-NOV-10 to 21-NOV-10
Expominer 19-NOV-10 to 21-NOV-10
Creativa Barcelona 26-NOV-10 to 28-NOV-10
EIBTM 30-NOV-10 to 02-DEC-10
International Auto Retro Barcelona 04-DEC-10 to 08-DEC-10
Ocasion Expo 04-DEC-10 to 12-DEC-10
Festival De La Infancia 27-DEC-10 to 04-JAN-11
Cosmobelleza & Wellness 26-FEB-11 to 28-FEB-11
Infarma Expo 01-MAR-11 to 03-MAR-11
Graphispag Expo 22-MAR-11 to 26-MAR-11
Sonimagfoto & Multimedia 23-MAR-11 to 27-MAR-11