Beaches in Barcelona

Today´s forecast, sunny and 24 degrees: it´s summer in Barcelona and the beaches are getting more attractive.

In Barcelona you will find a variety of beaches which are located over the whole coastline (See Picture).

Since the big clean up for the 1992 Olympics the beaches became a magnet for locals and visitors. Therefore there is taking good care in maintaining a clean sea and beach, the beach is tested daily and is accessible for disabled, there are lifeguards, sun beds and showers.
One of the most beautiful beaches is the Nova Icaria: it is the closest one to the marina and is therefore crowded. Due to this fact there are a variety of beach bars, restaurants and a large promenade.

Second beach is the Bogatell beach. This beach is twice the length of it´s neighbor(Nova Icaria). Since the beach is depressed it cuts all the noises down and it feels like you´re miles away from Barcelona. At the beach are no bars and restaurants, but you can find some restaurants on the boulevard.

The next beach is Mar Bella. This beach is located next to Bogatell but is divided by a school which can teaches you how to windsurf and kayak. Near to the beach is a wonderful park which is perfect for a picnic or siesta in the shade.

Last but not least is the Barceloneta beach. This beach is the most popular for tourists since there are a dozen of restaurants, from American-style to Catalan style. On this beach you will find a lot of people and due to that fact it´s really cheerful.

If you´re interested in planning a day trip to one of the beaches. It would be a good idea to look as well to the beaches which are located around Barcelona. Cities like Sitges have even more beautiful beaches which are not artificial and are just a short train ride away.

Tip: During the night of the 23th of June (tomorrow) Sant Joan is taking place. During this national holiday people are making bonfires and there are firework shows around the beaches. Since everyone is going to the beach the atmosphere is very relax and cheerful.

With apartments (Bellafila 3a, 3b and Bellafila 1B) on just 10/15 minutes (walking distance) from these beaches, FlatsByDays can offer you a joyful and relax holiday in sunny and interesting Barcelona.


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