Rent your Holiday apartment during the Grec Festival

The Festival Grec de Barcelona is an annual summer festival held in Barcelona. The festival is formed by theatre, music, dance and circus and is organized by the Barcelona City Council. The festival is named after the original venue, the Grec theatre on the Montjuic Mountain.

The festivals first edition was held in 1976. It started as a collaboration between a group of actors and directors, who were interesting in innovating the theatre in Barcelona. From 1979 the organization is in hand of the City Council. This first edition is still feeding the Grec Festival. The festival has still the same base but has transformed and renewed every year. Frederic Amat creates the complete 2010 festival image. Besides creating the image he helped the organization by producing a show in cooperation with a Japanese theatre company.

This cooperation will give the 2010 edition a special extra; while there will be combination of the Mediterranean and Japanese sensibilities. Japan is one of the most fascinating countries for theatre.
This year the Grec Festival will join forces with the electronic Sonar festival, while theatre and music is one of the most amazing combinations: the festival will start together with Sonar on the 17th of June and will end at the 1st of August.

During these dates we can offer you some of our nice apartments. Besides the city and the Grec Festival you can come ´home´ in one of central based apartments. If you are interested to come with a bigger party we can offer you our Bellafila Prl or Bellafila 1b apartment which can house groups up to 10, besides we have some smaller apartments like Opera, Portaferrisa, Santa Monica and Bellafila 3A.

We are looking forward welcoming you in one of our apartment during the summer months!


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