Formula One in Barcelona

On the 7-8-9th of May the Grand Prix circus will set feet on Barcelona soil.  The formula one is considered as the cream of the crop of the motorsport. Since the FIA introduced some new rules the race got more and more spectacle, while a victory is not anymorea depending on the speed of the car but on the skills of the driver.  Especially while the no.2 and the no. 6 only differs 9 points, which made the races even more interesting.

Circuit de Cataluña is located in Montmelo which is a 30 minute ride from Barcelona city centre.  The circuit is famous because of the possibility that the wind changes drastically during the day. Wind is a significance factor in the Formula one given the importance of aerodynamics to formula one cars.

Besides going to the grand prix you can visit the beautiful Barcelona as well. With tons of bars restaurant and sight sees Barcelona can offer everyone a nice/enjoyable and comfortable see at the Mediterranean see.

We can always offer several apartments to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For instance our Bellafila 3b apartment, which is located in the city centre and close to everything you need.


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