Looking for a business apartment during one of the Barcelona tradeshows?

Who thinks that Barcelona is just a city to relax, party and enjoy the beautiful city is wrong. Almost every week Barcelona is the place to visit all kinds of different trade shows. Especially during the autumn you can find the fairs and shows all around the city.

If you are looking for accomodation during one of these shows, we can offer high-quality business apartments. With the possibility that we can accomadate a group of 32 people. In our bellafila apartmentcomplex.


If you are missing your favourite trade show feel free to add him in the commenst and we will update our calender.

Event Date
Concepto Bano 11-MAY-10 to 15-MAY-10
Instalmat 12-MAY-10 to 15-MAY-10
Pasarela Gaudi Novias 18-MAY-10 to 21-MAY-10
Barcelona bridal Week 18-MAY-10 to 23-MAY-10
Tecniexpo Automation 19-MAY-10 to 21-MAY-10
International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition 25-MAY-10 to 28-MAY-10
Avante 02-JUN-10 to 04-JUN-10
Expoaviga 08-JUN-10 to 10-JUN-10
Second Hand Vehicle Show 11-JUN-10 to 20-JUN-10
Entrepreneurs Fair 16-JUN-10 to 17-JUN-10
The Brandery Trade show 27-JUN-10 to 29-JUN-10
Expohogar 24-SEP-10 to 27-SEP-10
Liber 29-SEP-10 to 01-OCT-10
Antiquaris Barcelona 02-OCT-10 to 10-OCT-10
Salon International Caravaning 09-OCT-10 to 17-OCT-10
International book fair 12-OCT-10 to 14-OCT-10
SITEM 16-OCT-10 to 17-OCT-10
Barcelona Meeting Point 19-OCT-10 to 24-OCT-10
Hostelco Expo 05-NOV-10 to 09-NOV-10
Salon Nautico International de Bacelona 06-NOV-10 to 14-NOV-10
Salon Del Hobby 19-NOV-10 to 21-NOV-10
Expominer 19-NOV-10 to 21-NOV-10
Creativa Barcelona 26-NOV-10 to 28-NOV-10
EIBTM 30-NOV-10 to 02-DEC-10
International Auto Retro Barcelona 04-DEC-10 to 08-DEC-10
Ocasion Expo 04-DEC-10 to 12-DEC-10
Festival De La Infancia 27-DEC-10 to 04-JAN-11
Cosmobelleza & Wellness 26-FEB-11 to 28-FEB-11
Infarma Expo 01-MAR-11 to 03-MAR-11
Graphispag Expo 22-MAR-11 to 26-MAR-11
Sonimagfoto & Multimedia 23-MAR-11 to 27-MAR-11

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