In 65 days and 6 hours the FIFA World Cup 2010 will start. Host South-Africa will compete during the opening game against Mexico. A game during the world cup will result in crowded and colored streets all around the world.

Tons of websites are talking about the disappointing ticket sales. A lot of people do not want to pay the expensive tickets, or think that South-Africa is still very unsafe. This is why Barcelona could be a great alternative. Thousands of enthusiastic football fans will come over to Barcelona, to enjoy the football, the weather, beaches, culture and nightlife. During the last European Championships the Barcelona City Government placed huge screens on some of the important squares and tourist attraction spots such as Port Vells, Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla. This will create a unique atmosphere, and it almost looks like that Barcelona is one of the hosting cities in South-Africa.

With tons of places (pubs screens etc) to watch the games, Barcelona will be the ideal spot the come. During June the temperature will be above the 20C. So the beach will be an ideal location to get rid of the excitement of last night, and recharge the batteries for the next game and night out.

For the real football fans Barcelona can offer them enough. The Nou Camp stadium is a tremendous attraction, besides the stadium there is a museum and the possibility to enter the pitch. That will be your moment of fame; you can put yourself on the list with players like Messi, Rivaldo and Kluivert, all these guys played memorable games on this pitch. In the museum you can even get on the picture with the most beloved trophy in Europe, The champions league cup.

The most important part of this vacation would be to find an ideal tourist accommodation. This is where Flats By Days will come in. We can offer vacation apartments in the nicest area of the centre such as Cathedral, La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter and the Born. If you come with a big party, we can accommodate up to 32 people in 5 different holidays apartments located in the same Bellafila building which is at 5 minute walk from the Las Ramblas and a 15 minute walk from the Barceloneta beach. Celebration of World Cup is not just with friend, so why not taking you partner to a romatic and design flat? Check out our design flat Opera, stylish Art Deco and Art Nouveu vacation flats and our romantic apartments such as Portaferrisa , Picasso , Cathetral

So do not wait and celebrate the World Championships in Barcelona. Which country would you like to represent in Barcelona during the Championships?


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