Clubbing in Barcelona

Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, London and BARCELONA. What does these cities have in Common? Clubbing and nightlife!

Barcelona could be considered as one of Europe’s clubbing capitals. With clubs all over the city, Barcelona´s nightlife is even as impressive as the city itself.

Clubs like Shoko, Catwalk and Opium in Villa Olimpica, Razzmatazz in Poble Nou, City Hall in Plaza Catalunya, Fellini in La Rambla and The one and La Terraza en Pueblo Español are lifting Barcelona up in the club charts. Every week one of these clubs have a headline DJ on there agenda. From Jeff Mills to Kavinsky, From David Guetta to Axwell.

These clubs use there own Formula. Some are more focusing on chilling and relaxing while for instance the One and Razzmatazz are more for the hardcore clubbers, while they have more underground DJ´s on their program(eg. Butch,Marc Houle, Ben Sims Etc.). Opium can be considered as a more mainstream (house) club, what is attracting people that love the more ´commercial´ house ( eg. David Guetta and Daft Punk). So Barcelona can serve everyone with a club which they like ( Hardcore Clubbers, Chillers and Mainstreamers).

With flats/apartments all over the old city, you will be close to all clubs. Every clubber knows how hard the ´day after´ can be, while alcohol is not always your best friend. But there is a nice solution while you can become sober at the beach, while the beach is a 10-15 minute walk from our apartments.
Planning to go clubbing in Barcelona. We can even provide accommodations up to 32 people. So even large groups. With apartments like this Bellafila PRL which can accommodate 8 people.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Ps. Don´t forget that Sonar is coming up as well.


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