Fc Barcelona take on VFB Stuttgart!

After a rather dissapointing 1-1 draw in Stuttgart it is time for Fc Barcelona to show the Germans what they are really capable of. Even though a 1-1 result in an away game is not bad we all know that Barcelona is capable of much more. Thus we expect a great game in which the Catalans will show their true qualities. With an eye on the quater final all Barcelona needs to do is ensure that Stuttgart doesn´t score. If (which they most likely will) they manage to qualify for the quater finals we can expect another great CL match at Nou Camp on the 30th or 31st of March or the 6th or 7th of April.

Are you willing to attend this great footbal show with a couple of Friends then do not hesistate! Flatsbydays offers great apartments which are located in the centre with very easy acces to the stadium Nou Camp you grab the green metro line and before you know it you can hear the Barcelona chants. If you are a group of 8-10 people then check out our Bellafila 1B and Bellafila prl which are both just 5 minute walk from Ramblas. With great freedom and more than enough space the apartments are located in an area near many restaurants and pubs.  Here you can celebrate the great footbal show with a few pints and your friends and possibly other local Barcelona supporters. So footbal supporters out there do not hesistate to step in and watch this awesome footbal show! There is footbal and there is Fc Barcelona!


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