Barcelona Golf

Barcelona has a wide selection of golf courses allowing tourists to visit and enjoy the city, the sights and a game of golf in the best weather. A variety of clubs organize golfing for tourists and visitors. In addition to working with businesses and organizations to mount corporate golf days and congresses through Barcelona Golf Corporate Services using the best conference facilities in and around Barcelona.

So visit Barcelona and explore, for there is much more than what meets the eye.

Also do your best to keep the game on the golf course, however, if you find yourself much like Tiger Woods then there are plenty events and entertainment after to enjoy within the city.

Golfing news indicates Tiger Woods’ latest update includes a suspected overdose for the pro golfer, another porn star alleged mistress to bring the mistress count to 11 and a wife on the run.

In addition to Tiger’s 10-woman mistress count, a new porn star surfaced yesterday evening named Joselyn James. Veronica Siwik-Daniels (aka Joselyn James) was linked to Tiger in a post on the sports website, totaling two porn stars among Tiger’s women across the United States and across the pond (British women are among the alleged).


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