Barcelona Car Parking

The Flats By Days apartments do not offer parking outside the door should you arrive by car. The streets of the Historical Central Area of Barcelona are often closed off only for pedestrian use.

However, there is suitable parking within no more than 10 minutes walk from each apartment.

The design of Barcelona is very different to countries outside of central Europe where one can find everything they require within minutes walk from their apartment, where shops, restaurants, cafes and bars are located upon the groundfloor of most buildings. Once in Barcelona there is little need to drive anywhere unless you wish to visit outside the City. Which means you can relax and enjoy the entertainment in safety and style.

In international news issues of driving after entertainment remain a sever problem, in Los Angeles – Sen. John Kerry’s daughter was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Hollywood Thursday. Alexandra Forbes Kerry, the older of the senator’s two daughters, was pulled over for a traffic violation about 12:40 a.m., Sgt. Enrique Mendoza of the LAPD Hollywood Station said.

“She was arrested for driving under the influence,” said Officer Sara Faden, who added that Kerry was released on $5,000 bail. It was reported that Kerry refused to take Breathalyzer test at the scene. A later test showed a level of 0.06, under the legal limit of 0.08.


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