Barcelona Cuisine Food

Many restaurants in Barcelona are Michellin Star including two 3 star restaurants north of Barcelona:

Ferran Adria’s legendary El Bulli at Roses, near Girona (which has been voted Best in the World a few times). Santi Santamaria’s Can Fabes’, at Sant Celoni, which is quite near to Barcelona, you can get the train there. Beautiful place, fabulous food and wine and immaculate service.
Abac was upgraded to two stars last November.
Comerc 24 was awarded its first star, it Festival of Tapas is an awesome experience.

Alternative News relates to the Bocuse d´Or competition which takes place every two years in Lyon, France.
Health The Bocuse d’Or was created by Chef Paul Bocuse in 1987. He created it to broaden the public’s understanding of the extraordinary dedication, hard work, practice and precision required to execute the very finest cuisine. It is the most difficult and rigorous International culinary competition in the world held every two years in Lyon France. There are twenty four countries selected to enter.

The teams are allowed five and a half hours to create two intricate platter pieces. One that is seafood based the other meat, each much also have an accompaniment of three original garnishe’s. Each team is provided five and a half hours to create two elaborate platter presentations, one centered around seafood and one on meat, each accompanied by three original garnishes. They are then presented in front of twenty four judges each who have the own esteemed reputations as chefs in their own countries. The competition comes down to the harmony of flavours, the presentation and the techniques used, and also around the team word involved.
Thousands of spectators attend and the atmosphere is intense and unique. It is also covered by journalists from all over the world.


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