Barcelona Healthcare

Health Care in Barcelona should not be an issue when travelling to the city. Flats By Days recommend that you have travel insurance while those travelling from within Europe are able to use their European Health Insurance card (EHIC), also called European Health Card (ECH), is the replacement for the old E111 medical form, which is no longer valid.

In Spain the EHIC card is called the TSE, Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea and it is issued by the Seguridad Social, the Spanish Social security.

Current news leads to Voters in Washington after being continuously disappointed regarding their health care and other legislative efforts and have sent out 5 million pink slips of paper to the members of Congress
Those Americans, he said, are “people who are saying to members of Congress that ‘we are fed up with the absolute out-of-control spending, and we are going to respond and do what we can to take our country back.”
The US are continuing their fight against the privatisation of the Health Care Industry within the country where only excessive bills can lead to the correct Health Care.

When travelling within Barcelona there are a selection of local hospitals within the City Center Area which all provide service. Service should be effective and worth the wait. While there are usually translators within the hospitals located in the tourist areas.


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