Barcelona Dance

The Sardana, local Barcelona Catalan dance is a symbol of Catalan unity and pride.

Catalan dancing; where circles of people join their hands together and with them raised; dance with very small, precise steps, slowly round and round whilst people join to make the circle bigger. This is the Sardana: the traditional national dance of Catalunya.

Other traditional mediterranian dances inlcude the greek dance, the Syrtaki, also known as Sirtaki dance. Syrtaki dance is unlike traditional Greek folkdance. According to Wikipedia, Syrtaki dance is a mixture of the fast and slow versions of the hasapiko dance. The music and dance are also referred to as the dance of Zorba or Zorbas. The name Syrtaki dance comes from the Greek word syrtos. which is a common name for a group of Cretan dances. These traditional dances don’t involve hopping an leaping like pidikhtos. Syrtaki dance has a dragging style. Syrtaki dance is done in either a circle or line formation with hands held on your neighbors shoulders. Syrtaki dance begins slow and smooth then gets faster which may include some leaps and hops.


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