Barcelona Concerts

The Prodigy

3 December
Invaders Must Die was released in Europe on February 23, 2009 charting at number one with week one sales of over 97,000. To coincide with the release of the album, the band embarked on an arena tour.


Lead singer Smith revealed that the band will explore a new direction on their next album, pursuing a new, rawer sound. Before January 2009, Editors had written around eighteen new songs for the new album and they have been described as some of the most synthetic, raw and anthemic songs they have written to date. In October the band went to the studio to record some demos. The band spent the first week of April recording the album and on 8 April, they released a short video with information about the recording process. It announced on that Mark ‘Flood’ Ellis would be the producer for the album. Earlier on in the year, the sound of the album was said to have a very electric feel with the band often using the Terminator theme song as a reference.

Arctic Monkeys

6 February
Arctic Monkeys revealed that the band had listened to Jimi Hendrix and Cream while writing the new album. It was revealed via a bulletin on the band’s MySpace page that the title of the album will be Humbug. As announced on the Arctic Monkeys website the first single will be “Crying Lightning”.


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